The second in our ongoing perfomance series, Storefront Bushwick is pleased to announce
musical performances by ZETI and Dunedin Dunedin. Diane Cluck and Paul Rome at Storefront Bushwick
Monday, March 12th.

Doors open at 7pm. with the performance at 8 p.m.

ZETI, formerly Pezzettino, is a “force of nature. Her music is ethereal and haunting, bringing a fantastically different, textural sound to what is decidedly not what you would expect to hear coming out of an accordion.” Drum machine, echo, and confessional lyrics.


Dunedin Dunedin’s sonic palate is made up of sunbaked analog tones and resonant echos. These songs will take you on a

journey from the German Autobahn to the American desert, by way of the glowing tubes of a Jamaican Soundsystem.